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Since 2002, the Mile End Legal Clinic and its network of lawyers and law students have been dedicated to making justice accessible to individuals. We believe that no one should face legal problems without the necessary knowledge to protect and exercise their rights. Since its beginnings, the Clinic has helped a vast number of people by informing them of their rights and by offering them support throughout the judicial process.


We train future lawyers and jurists by providing hands-on legal clinic courses to law students from McGill University and the Université de Montréal.


Volunteer lawyers provide free legal information and advice to our clients.


We provide referrals to lawyers, Legal Aid, and non-legal services based on needs and available resources.


We will sit down with anyone who comes to the Clinic, but we select individuals and families who cannot afford a lawyer and do not qualify for governmental Legal Aid. Our clients come from all over Montreal and their legal issues concern many different areas of law.


A person’s finances should not determine whether they can understand and defend their rights. We want our legal system to be more accessible and to provide justice for all. At our clinic, we are dedicated to improving the ability of lower-income individuals and families to navigate the justice system.


We offer free legal consultations within community organizations that lend us their office space once a week. Our partnerships with the Mile-End Community Mission, the Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre and the Comité d’action de Parc-Extension (CAPE) enable us to have three service points in three distinct neighbourhoods.


General Operations:

Our services are free. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with our eligibility criteria before coming to our Clinic (see the section “Eligibility for our services” below).

For the first consulation, you must come to one of our three service points:

  • Every Monday from 1-3PM and 5-7PM, at the Comité d’action de Parc-Extension (CAPE) at 419 St-Roch St., office SS.03;
  • Every Monday from 6PM to 7PM, at the Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre at 870 Richmond Square;
  • Every Wednesday from 4PM to 7PM, at the Mile-End Community Mission at 99 Bernard St. West.

You are strongly advised to bring any relevant document to your legal situation with you. You will be asked to declare your sources of income so that we can verify your eligibility for our services. You do not need to make an appointment before coming. Consultations take place on a first come, first served basis.

You will meet with a law student and/or a volunteer lawyer. After this meeting we will confirm your eligibility for our services. Except in rare cases where we can assist you fully during the first meeting, we will follow up with you by telephone or email to inform you of how we may assist you.

We do not provide representation before the court. If you would like to hire a lawyer, we suggest that you contact the Montreal Bar at 514-866-2490 to obtain a referral.

Eligibility for our services:

If you are looking to obtain general information on your rights:
Our law students, under the supervision of lawyers, can provide you with legal information. As a starting point, we suggest that you consult the Éducaloi website, or visit the Greater Montreal Community Justice Center.

If you are seeking assistance in order to represent yourself in legal proceedings, exercise your rights before a tribunal or obtain legal advice, we will verify that: 

1) You are not covered by Legal Aid for a financial or other reason. To verify your eligibility for Legal Aid, you must make an appointment with your local Legal Aid Office. To find your Legal Aid office, visit the Commission des services juridiques website.

2) You do not have the means to hire a lawyer. In order to ensure that no one is unfairly excluded from our services, we evaluate each request on a case by case basis. The following criteria serve as a guide:

  • You have a right to assert;
  • Hiring a lawyer is impossible given your financial situation or would result in undue stress that could compromise your overall well-being;
  • Without legal assistance, there is a risk that you will suffer a real injustice;
  • There is no conflict of interest with the Mile End Legal Clinic.

As an indication, it is rare that a person who makes an annual salary of $50,000 or more will fit the above criteria.

If further to our evaluation, we conclude that you meet the eligibility criteria for our services, we will attempt to find a volunteer lawyer who can offer you a legal consultation. However, we cannot guarantee assistance, as our services depend on the availability and areas of expertise of our volunteer lawyers.

We may refuse your request without providing any justification. We may also request further information or documentation in order to evaluate your request, including documents regarding your financial situation.

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